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Photographer Natalya Reznik comes from Russia but lives in Germany sinc 2011. I met her last year at the Photobook Festival in Kassel, where we talked a lot about publishing and making books.

I also helped a bit during the development of her own book and therefore I am particularly pleased to present SECRETS fresh from the press here at 25books.

The title is attributed to ›Sekritiki‹, which in Russia used to be a popular children´s game, or rather a mystical ritual. In a secret place the children dug a pit to hide a personal item there covered by a shard of glass and earth - worthless for others, a ›treasure‹ for the secret initiates who thus entrusted their wishes and aspirations to an unknown ›beyond‹.

In her book, Natalya Reznik has portrayed women, who have moved to Germany during the last 15 years from Russia or former Soviet republics. And all of them today, as earlier in the game, pass a memento from home to earth. The silent portraits of women correspond to the items that they have chosen for the occasion and, already embedded in the earth, can be seen for the last time in these pictures. A beautifully designed book about remembering and forgetting, just right at the end of the year.

SECRETS is published in an edition of only 50 copies and is available exclusively from 25books. The price is 50 EURO for early orders until 31. December 2014 and 60 EURO after that.
Selfoublished 2014 /// 72 Pages /// 24 x 30 cm /// Hardcover with dust jacket /// Edition of 50 copies

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